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Christian Soto

Android Developer Sr.

“Recomiendo Listopro porque es una plataforma que enfoca tu perfil hacia la mejor vacante. Además, el proceso es mucho más rápido que otros portales”.
Experto en

Kotlin Experiencia subiendo y manteniendo apps en la App Store Principios SOLID Android Pruebas automatizadas

Angel Tovar Sanchez

Android Developer Sr.

“Listopro es un gran aliado a la hora de buscar empleo, te conecta con las mejores empresas y todo el seguimiento durante el proceso es muy bueno”.
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Trabajos Mobile Engineer en nuestra plataforma

iOS Developer (Latam)


Who we are

We are a leading provider of online education in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. As the foremost provider of non-traditional, scalable education, we offer training in areas like AI, Cybersecurity, English, Technology, and Leadership. We serves over 5 million students and thousands of corporate customers.

We are  the essential learning platform for both companies and employees. As an industry leader, we receive extensive press coverage and maintain a prominent presence at major industry events. Although we operate remotely, we highly value in-person interactions and consider them crucial to our success.

Job functions

We expect you to be an outstanding team player, with a growth mindset working in a close loop with other Mobile Developers (Web and Android), Product Managers, Backend Developers, Engineer Managers and Product Designers. You will be responsible for the development of new features in both iPhones and iPads, also create libraries to support other functionalities, support our design system and implement good practices for your code and propose architectural and tooling improvements to rise the quality and speed of the releases.

Mobile Apps Engineer (Swift)


About Us

As a mobile apps software engineer you’ll share ownership of our development

infrastructure, including (but not limited to) our iOS and Android apps, our

website, our BSS/OSS and CRM customer billing, relationship, and provisioning

software, our Node.js mobile app server architecture, and all other integrations

and dev stacks we utilize.

Day-to-day, there’s a good chance you’ll have more than a few opportunities to show off your creativity, finding solutions for complex problems and leading our

team around or through the many roadblocks that exist in the bureaucratic world of telecommunications.

Key Responsibilities

●Leading our development efforts from conception to deployment, working

with engineering, product, and design to constantly rollout updates and

maintain our apps, website, and CRM.

●Work with leadership and your dev team colleagues to support building

out our development team, while identifying our next dev phases and


●Making important architectural decisions towards the development stack

and processes for the team and our systems.

●Assisting all members of the product and engineering team to implement,

solve, and create amazing user first experiences throughout our product


●Helping define and implement our development team’s day-to-day

schedules through stand-ups, sprint planning meetings, retrospectives,

and demos.

●The “go-to-person” for our technical teams to rely on for leadership,

decisions making, and information.

●Solving problems through creativity and communication. Our teams are

remote and a large part of mastering this role will be to improve and help

build our communication across teams and timezones.

Key languages and Skills

(Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, Yaf PHP, and mongoDB) is great.

●Our apps rely heavily on Apple Pay and Google Pay to provide a seamless

customer experience, so familiarity with those APIs, past experience

building customer onboarding and billing-focused apps, and knowledge of

merchant-initiated variable-amount recurring billing is beneficial.

●Knowledgeable with agile software development practices such as

Kanban and Scrum.

●Experiencing managing or working to help lead a technical team in an

agile environment — if you’ve done this in the early stages at a startup

this would be immensely valuable.

●You’ll need to juggle, most likely early and almost certainly often, plenty of

projects, tasks, deadlines, fires, ideas, and potentially even a technological

crisis or two10. Being able to zoom in on what matters, even when there

might be a lot of noise, and staying focused through at least some level

of sustained chaos will be a really good skillset to have

Experience supporting cross-functional teams, and understanding the

value of diverse input from stakeholders, with a focus on nurturing growth

and instilling confidence in the team by supporting their growth and


●Demonstrated ability to manage through organizational complexity and

ambiguity, show adaptability in the face of chance, and experience

working with teams in a fast paced environment.

●Critical decision-making abilities, takes ownership to respond to problems

promptly, with diligent follow-through on areas of responsibility.

●Ability to liaise effectively with other departments and leadership to

enhance internal systems, policies, and processes.

●Experience working in a Lean-Agile environment for projects and software

development is key.

●Experience working in a union environment is an asset.

Android Developer



React Native Developer


We are looking for a skilled and experienced React Native Developer with a minimum of 5 years of practical expertise to join us. In this role, you will be a key contributor to our mobile application development team, collaborating with cross-functional groups to design, develop, and enhance React Native applications. Your proficiency in frontend development, particularly with React, will be crucial in delivering solutions that meet the highest standards of performance and user experience. As we operate in an AWS environment, your experience with cloud-based architectures is a great plus for optimizing and scaling our applications.

Mobile Engineer (React Native)


About the Company

Our client is delivering a revolutionary plug-n-play smart home platform with a laser focus on the untapped new home construction market. They make smart lighting so easy to upgrade that even those who would have never considered smart lighting are making it happen. They’ve built a company based on trust, where forming personal relationships is key to their success.


The software team is a tight-knit team of smart, dedicated people. They are customer focused, they ship often, and are constantly asking “why.” They are passionate about the software they write. They work closely with other teams. Developers at Deako are always looking for a better way and understand that no code is perfect.


They’re working on building reusable libraries to share across the many environments their code runs in. Their Typescript monorepo contains code that affects everything from their React Native mobile app and React.JS customer support web app, to their firmware end to end tests.  

About the Role 

Day to Day Expectations:

  • Build reusable components and libraries for use in the mobile app.
  • Participate in the code review process.
  • Help maintain and improve our CI/CD pipelines

Must Have:

  • Demonstrable knowledge in Typescript/Javascript
  • Demonstrates a high level autonomy and willingness to learn
  • Internship or previous experience in the software engineering field
  • 2+ years of React Native experience

Nice to Have:

  • Experience in unit testing and test infrastructure (Automation/CI/CD)
  • React.JS
  • Mobile App Experience
  • Docker
  • ESLint

  • Node

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